Technology is often listed as one of the contributing factors to inactivity in both children and adults. However, there are also ways that technology can encourage us to be more active. In a world full of smartphones, there are hundreds of fitness apps that provide useful information, systems of accountability, and an element of fun. After surveying the staff and clients at One on One, we compiled the following list of our favorite free apps:

Lose It!  

Lose It! makes it easy to track your caloric input and output, identify behavioral patterns, connect with a support system via social networks, and maintain a healthful mindset supportive of your weight-loss goals. After setting your goals, Lose It! makes calorie counting a motivating process by showing you how many calories you have taken in and how many you have expended. With its user-friendly interface and pre-programed recipes and exercises, Lose it! is an excellent tool for those searching for a tracking app that is simple, motivating, and social media friendly.

Nike+ Running 

For all you runners out there, this is the ultimate running app. Map your runs, track your progress, and stay motivated. Unlike other running apps, Nike+ gives you in-the-moment audio feedback regarding your pace, distance, time, and calories burned. You can even maintain accountability and receive social support by sharing your run on Facebook. Nike+ is a great tool for pushing yourself to improve times, intensity, and distance.

Seconds Interval Timer 

Seconds is the best interval timer out there. The app offers several different types of timers, making it easy to program your exercise and rest periods. Seconds coordinates with your music selections, allowing you to match the intensity of your music to the intensity of your workout or to assign music to the entire workout. It will give you an audio countdown to alert you when your exercise or rest period is coming to an end and when you need to restart. It is a great way to stay true to your time and in turn get the greatest intensity from your workout.


You don’t have to be on a strict diet to improve your dietary heath. Using an easy-to-understand grading system, Fooducate has graded over 200,000 food items and is expanding its database every day. Although it is easy to be deceived by food manufacturers, Fooducate exposes those hidden secrets such as excessive sugar, trans fats, and additives. You can easily find foods by scanning their barcode, using a keyword search, or browsing categories. Fooducate also provides you with the convenience of suggesting healthier options to replace problem foods.

Like everything else, your results depend on the effort you put in. These apps are similar to working with a personal trainer in that they can educate, motivate, and assist you to achieve your goals. No app is going to do the work for you, but as technology advances there will always be new tools to guide you. Take advantage of them. Try a new app or two, and see what works for you!