Hard to believe it is 2013…amazing! For this edition of “In Touch”, we are going to take a little risk and share a few personal thoughts on how we can make 2013 a better year not only for ourselves, but for those around us. Personal responsibility is the key.

Individually, none of us are going to save the world. But individually, each of us can significantly impact our families, friends, communities and future of our children. We can impact our healthcare crisis by taking personal responsibility for our health…by exercising and eating right. We can impact our stress level, personal relationships and sense of community by addressing our spiritual lives, whatever that may look like for each individual. Where does spiritual growth fall on your list of priorities for 2013? What is your strategy for spiritual development? In our opinion, if it is not at the top, your priorities are misguided.

Taking personal responsibility for our health and spiritual development not only makes us feel better but, perhaps more importantly, provides a good role model for our children to follow. They must learn what is really important by seeing us “walk it out”. How much time do we spend practicing and teaching spiritual principles such as acceptance, patience, tolerance, gratitude and love? How much time do we spend on selfish endeavors and taking the path of least resistance versus helping others and stretching ourselves? These principles too often get lost in our “high speed” lives.

If we all spent half as much time acting on how we can make a difference individually as we spend debating what is wrong with our country and how “others” should fix it, we would all be significantly better off. Imagine if we all went down this same path?

It is time for us to take action…to address these issues in earnest. Let’s all start now and make 2013 our best year ever!

Bruce and Kym Burke