I would like to sincerely thank everyone in the One on One family for sending their thoughts and prayers my way during my recent medical emergency. It was an interesting experience; the last thing I expected was to spend my Bahamas vacation in a hospital bed with kidney failure! But it has turned out to be a very positive opportunity to learn and grow. Remarkably, I didn’t feel worried, resentful, bitter, or depressed. In fact, I felt at peace with the whole situation. I never for a minute felt deprived. As excited as I was for my vacation, I never got down about spending it in the hospital or about the prospect of serious disease.

I would like to share how I got through it and a few of the lessons I learned.

  • Mindset – I believe in the power of a positive mindset. I had a decision to make every day. Do I allow myself to get worried and depressed or do I stay positive and hopeful? I chose to stay positive, which was made easy thanks to my faith, family, friends and excellent medical care. While my physical state was compromised, I knew I had control of my mental state. I believe that making the decision to remain positive throughout was instrumental in my quick recovery.
  • Faith – The overriding sense of peace I felt during my hospital stay came from my faith in a power greater than myself. Did I desire to spend vacation in a hospital bed? No. But I am not in charge and am beginning to learn that I must always accept life on life’s terms. This experience was put into my life for a reason and, as I reflect on it, I am starting to learn why.
  • Gratitude – Prior to this experience, if you were to ask me if I was grateful for what I had, I would answer with a resounding yes! But it wasn’t until I felt such overwhelming support and love from so many people that I realized I actually took far too much for granted. It is amazing that when life-changing situations occur, human relationships become precious and minutia becomes just that, minutia! Prior to my emergency, I had it reversed. I would sweat the small stuff and not show enough appreciation for my friends and family.
  • My best was good enough The biggest part of my recovery has been practicing acceptance every day. I can say with a clear conscience that I lived a healthy lifestyle prior to this emergency. I did everything I could to prevent a complication of this magnitude to occur, but it still occurred. Sometimes life events happen that are completely out of our control. By understanding that my best was good enough, and then practicing acceptance I have been able to move forward with my life and have an incredible recovery.  

I am humbled by the support and grateful for all the thoughts and prayers…it has been heartwarming! One on One is truly a special community made up of many, many special people. Thank you!