As a Titleist Performance Institue (TPI) Golf Fitness Professional, Ryan Burke is prepared to identify and correct areas of physical dysfunction that influence your golf game. Whether you choose to simply have your body mechanics evaluated using the TPI Screen or would like a Corrective Exercise Program developed based on your TPI Screen results, we are here to help.

TPI Screen and Description of Results ($125)

TPI Package ($425)

Session #1 (30 minutes)

  • Review Medical History/Orthopedic Status
  • Conduct TPI Screen
  • Gather information about golf swing characteristics

Session #2 (60 minutes)

  • Review golf swing characteristics
  • Review results of TPI Screen
  • Introduce a golf specific fitness program

Session #3 (60 minutes)

  • Instruct program for independent training

Session #4 (60 minutes)

  • Ensure ownership of program and tools