Thank you for the amazing experience I had with One on One in just 45hrs! I am so grateful for everyone’s effort in making my Kines395b practicum one that I could rave about and feel sad that it’s over. One on One grew on me in such a short period of time, the atmosphere everyone takes part in creating brought such encouragement and hope to me, that I now know one place where it is possible to truly help people to move. This compared to other experiences I’ve had where is seems that professionals are limited to help people because of outside uncontrollable factors.

Thank you for your diligence in planning my time carefully and keeping track of what I had not experienced yet. Thank you for your willingness to listen to where my passions lie and give perspective and share your experience in those areas where I am unsure or not knowledgeable of. Thank you for your patience in explaining all of my inquiries and moreover, for taking the time and care to make sure that I truly understood the reasoning behind it. I truly cherish every bit of everyone’s effort and willingness to allow me to observe their sessions and follow up with me about anything I needed to talk about!