One on One University has been a blessing to me.  I entered my senior year of college with uncertainty about my career, but I knew I had a passion for fitness.  Although I was earning a degree in Marketing, I wanted to meld my passion with my career because I know that makes many people successful and fulfilled with their work.  Once I decided to spend the summer in State College, I searched fitness centers in State College on the web for a place of employment.  Let me first say that my prior training knowledge came from a couple of bodybuilding books and tips I learned in the gym from friends, and I was misinformed on many things.  I knew that before I could be a personal trainer, I would need to improve my knowledge and skill level in training others.  Fortunately, I discovered the One on One website and the One on One University program.
When I was able to begin the program, I had five weeks left on my lease before I needed to move home to Sinking Spring, PA.  One on One University typically runs for eight weeks, but One on One was able to tailor a five-week program for me.  Not only that, the program was tailored to my interests in addition to the core program.  My concerns were about performance training for athletes and program design, and I was able to spend time working on both of those things.

One on One University gave me opportunities I could never get from reading textbooks and earning a certification.  In addition to daily lecture, I was able to observe dozens of training sessions.  Furthermore, I was able to practice exercises with the trainers and eventually put the general manager through a workout.  Other than helping out a couple of roommates, I had no previous experience training others.  The opportunity to practice and gain experience training others was extremely valuable.

I would highly recommend the One on One University program.  The business is centered on personal training, and the trainers there are experts at what they do.  They are all willing to help and are great people to learn from.  Thanks to One on One, I am now confident and I am looking forward to beginning my career in fitness as a personal trainer.

Luke Davis
One on One University, Summer 2009