Small Group Training

Under the leadership of a One on One fitness professional, 2-5 clients engage in specialized, dynamic small group training sessions. The specialization is what makes Small Group Training unique and excellent. Our team designs the program and delivers the training session for your needs. There is nothing “generic” about Small Group Training at One on One.

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Group Training

One on One’s Group Training class is a fun, high-energy and creative exercise experience. Our goal is to challenge each group training participant appropriately through balanced training sessions that address strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Our professional instructors provide progressions/regressions for participants with different fitness levels and goals.

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Customized Group Training

One on One can put together a customized group training program for any small group (up to 12) at almost any time. Families, friends, sports teams, and businesses can all benefit from this unique style of training. All you need to do is:

  • Propose a schedule
  • Choose a location (your home, office or our facility)

One on One will design a thirty or sixty minute group training session to meet your needs.

Youth Athletic Readiness Training (YART)

The foundation of every sport includes fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing, balance, agility, and hand-eye coordination. Athletic readiness training focuses on the development of these basic motor skills.

Today’s young athletes are not as prepared for the demands of sport as they once were. Young players with poor movement patterns and biomechanics are significantly more susceptible to injury. To be successful, athletes must be dynamically fit. They must possess balance, agility, strength, power, and speed.

One on One’s Youth Athletic Readiness Training program does not only prepare the young athlete to compete; perhaps more importantly, it gives them their best opportunity to do so without getting injured.

We have had the privilege of training youth in organizations such as Centre Lacrosse and the Tussey Mountain Alpine Racing Team.