The following is an interview between Kerri Smith (a client and marketing consultant at One on One) and Kym Burke (co-owner).

KERRI: What exactly is One on One “To Go!”?

KYM: One on One “To Go!” is a customized fitness program with an emphasis on instruction, ensuring that the participant “own” their program and can implement it anywhere, not just at a gym.

After an initial assessment, we create a program based on the participant’s medical history, lifestyle, goals and needs. Over the course of three instructional sessions, we ensure the participantowns each movement pattern. In addition, we chart their program out for their first two months and help them to understand the basics of intelligent exercise progression. Ongoing email/phone support is available to answer questions, trouble-shoot and provide a mechanism for accountability. Periodic update sessions are encouraged to ensure the program remains current given the participant’s improving fitness level.

KERRI: Can I really do this without going to a gym?

KYM: Absolutely. With the use of a few simple tools, we can create a comprehensive fitness routine. Obviously, if you have specific goals such as bodybuilding, you will need access to more elaborate equipment. However, for the average person looking to maintain their health, become stronger, and work their cardiovascular system, we can design a very effective fitness routine without the use of fancy equipment.

It is about what you know, not what you have. We’ll teach you to be creative!

KERRI: How did you come up with the idea for One on One “To Go!”?

KYM: We listened to our clients. We heard them speak about how they wished their mom, who lives in Maryland, for instance, could benefit from our training. We also heard them ask how they could stay disciplined with their exercise while traveling.

KERRI: Who is it for?

KYM: One on One “To Go!” serves those people who can’t make it to our facility in State College on a regular basis. Most people simply don’t have the tools to design an effective, long term exercise program for themselves, regardless of what facilities they have available to them. There are also many people that lack the motivation to stick to their programs. Unfortunately, we have seen many people suffer through ineffective training programs and worse yet, harmful training programs. It is easy to understand why these individuals lack the motivation!

KERRI: My parents live in Michigan and they don’t have a good gym near their house. They’re in their late 50’s and need to be more active. When they come to visit, could they do their own “To Go!” program to take home with them?

KYM: Yes! Your parents are ideal candidates for a “To Go!” program.

Let me give you a couple of examples of “To Go!” clients we have worked with.

We had a middle-age, career-oriented woman join us from South Carolina. She happened to be a sister of one of our staff members. During our initial meeting, she mentioned how it was nearly impossible to stay on a fitness program due to her schedule. She simply didn’t have time to get to the gym.

We created a thirty-minute home fitness program utilizing her own body weight, resistance tubing, and a stability ball. This is exactly what she needed given her travel schedule. Short, convenient, and effective.

Another “To Go!” client came to us from Tyrone, Pennsylvania. He had access to a great gym, but he really questioned whether he was using his time wisely. Intuitively, he knew there was more to exercise than simply doing the machines. A basketball lover, he also knew he should be doing things to address his slightly injured knee. In addition to teaching him how to get the most out of his local gym, we developed a movement prep program that addressed his readiness to play basketball.

KERRI: It sounds like this would be a great program for moms at home with small children, too.

KYM: Exactly.

KERRI: How much does the program cost?

KYM: The basic service is $495.00. This fee includes an assessment/orientation, program design, three instructional sessions, two months of charting materials and one month of e-mail/phone support. Update sessions and new program design sessions are available.

KERRI: Is there anything else you would like us to know about this service?

KYM: I am very passionate about what we do at One on One. There are many people out there that call themselves personal trainers or provide personal training, but it’s not really “personal” training. We are committed to giving each and every client exactly what they need. One on One “To Go!” gives us the platform to help anybody “experience the difference.”