In an effort to help our clients understand our policies and the rationale behind them, we have created this list of frequently asked questions. All clients are expected to familiarize themselves with this document. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our clients come to One on One because of our reputation for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. We have achieved this reputation by working as a team. Although you may have one or two trainers that you usually work with and are most comfortable with, our Team Training system ensures that all team members are qualified and prepared to train you at the highest level. First, we assign you a Client Program Manager based on availability, personality and individual expertise. This is the team member that is responsible for keeping your medical history, goals, and weekly/monthly/yearly exercise prescription up to date. If a different team member will be working with you, they need only review your file to know exactly what One on One has planned during a given session. Although reviewing the file would be enough, your Client Manager always communicates with the team member about your special needs to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Although it is natural that you might become attached to a particular individual, you are here for the fitness and for the results. You must not shy away from working with different trainers. For example, if you need to change an appointment with your regular trainer, but he/she is unavailable to work with you at another time, we will look for a different trainer to work with you that day. One of the benefits of being at One on One is having the ability to maintain the continuity of your program despite scheduling challenges. It is your program that is the priority…not the individual training you

Clients generally resist working with a new trainer, which is understandable. Please trust that we don’t want to make any changes to a good client/trainer relationship unless it is absolutely necessary. However, we must take our trainer’s ongoing interests and desires for professional growth into account. This occasionally means lightening their schedule and giving them new opportunities.

Burnout is a real problem in our industry. Clients must understand that if we didn’t make changes and create job diversity for our trainers, they would leave. Then everyone loses, the irony being that the client ends up with a new trainer anyway. We want our staff members to enjoy what they do and stay at One on One for the long term.

If working with a particular individual is of paramount importance, it can be addressed through our “Trainer by Request” option.

Trainer by Request

For an additional per session fee, you may request a specific trainer. There are many reasons for the additional cost. Remember that our team members are essentially booked throughout the day. Getting you with your requested trainer often means taking them away from someone else. Moreover, it is almost always our most senior staff members who are requested.

Scheduling is absolutely the most challenging part of our job. Our regular fees are based on our mutual understanding that One on One will provide you with a professional personal trainer, rather than a specific individual.

Having a regular/master schedule is typically the most ideal situation for clients and staff members. Once your appointment has been placed on the master schedule, it is essentially yours, meaning that we are responsible for ensuring a trainer is available. We do the same with our trainer’s schedules…they have a master schedule with all their regular appointments on it. This allows us to ensure they have enough work and good balance in their day.

For some clients, a regular schedule will not work. Although we cannot guarantee availability without a regular schedule, One on One will always do its best to accommodate this situation and is most often successful when a reasonable window of availability is provided.

It is important to understand that One on One cannot reserve appointment times on the master schedule for clients who frequently cancel. It is unfair to our trainers (they count on the work) and to clients who might prefer to have the time slot you have reserved.

Client conferences are formal meetings between a client, their trainer(s) and a senior staff member. The objective of these formal meetings is to ensure that each client is having the best possible experience at One on One. Updating changes to a client’s medical status, progression toward goals, changes to goals, exercise likes and dislikes are a few of the topics that are addressed. Expect to have a Client Conference six to eight weeks into your program and often as you and/or your trainer deem necessary.

Client Conferences will be held at the beginning of an already scheduled session. Some conferences may only take a few minutes, while others may take the entire length of the session. Many clients need that time to share where they are and where they want to be. Others simply prefer to get busy exercising. We will meet each individual where they need to be met. If requested, a bike can be moved into the Yoga room (when available)allowing the client to exercise during the conference

Due to the nature of this service, there may be unforeseen technical difficulties that could occur during a training session.(i.e. sudden loss of internet, power outage, etc.). Although rare, we mutually agree to share the cost of this situation by each taking financial responsibility for every other occurrence. One on One will reschedule the first disrupted session at no charge; Client will be financially responsible for the next occurrence, and so on. Please have access to a phone during each training session so we may coordinate if necessary.

Please eliminate preventable troubleshooting issues (software updates, fully charged device, etc.) to ensure maximum effectiveness of your training session. Preventable troubleshooting issues will not be included in “unforeseen technical difficulties”.

No, a friend may not join you. At One on One, our programs are individualized and results oriented. This means that we need to keep the focus on you and your goals. There are a lot of things that go into a training session, as well as a lot of unforeseen situations that may arise.

Having it be just you and the trainer ensures that we keep the focus on you having the best possible experience. You are welcome to refer a friend to contact us and get them set up on their own program!

Yes, you can change your regular schedule if needed. With as much notice as possible, notify your trainer(s) by giving them the details of how your schedule will be changing and what your availability will be. They will then communicate this to senior staff.  A senior staff member will then contact you to discuss potential solutions.

Unfortunately, we will not always be able to accommodate your requests. Should this happen, you will be placed on our Schedule Request list. As soon as a spot becomes available that suits your needs, we will get you in it. In the meantime, One on One will do its best to see that you train as often as you should until your requested time becomes available. In many cases, changing your regular schedule may mean having to transition to another trainer’s schedule.

Progressing a fitness program is not an exact science. We want our clients to see results as quickly as possible, but don’t want to move so quickly that they are excessively sore or get injured.

Communication is key! Our basic expectation of all clients is that they communicate with their trainer(s) in real-time about issues such as exercise intensity, exercise likes/dislikes and overall program satisfaction. The sooner we know, the sooner we can address the issue.

You can purchase fewer than twelve sessions, however, the fee per session is more. Committing to twelve sessions allows us to arrange trainers’ schedules for approximately one month. In terms of training, nobody gets “out of shape” in one day and we’re not going to get anybody “in shape” in one day. Committing to twelve sessions allows us to plan your program with appropriate progression and give us the best opportunity to help you succeed.

A full 24 hours’ notice must be given in order to change, cancel or reschedule an appointment for there to be no charge for the originally scheduled session. For example, if the session you need to change is scheduled at 8 a.m., please call and notify us by 8 a.m. the day prior.

Without this policy, cancellations would become far too frequent. Some would cancel at the last minute for the most frivolous reasons. Our staff would, to say the least, become disillusioned. It is important to remember that most of our trainers are paid per session. This is how they earn their living. With 24 hours’ notice, they are given the opportunity to get your slot filled by another client.

Occasionally there is confusion regarding the “rescheduling” of a session to another time on the same day. Without exception, if you cancel the original session and “reschedule” during the same day, you will be charged for both sessions. If your trainer isn’t given 24 hours to get your time slot filled with another opportunity to work, they will be paid and you will be charged. In addition, it is often burdensome for the trainer to put that second session onto their schedule that day. For example, they could be here from 6:00 AM until 4:00 PM doing sessions, then have an additional session added at 4:00. They are used to long days and will go the extra mile to help you with your schedule, but they need to get paid in both instances.

Simply speak with a Team Member or call One on One (234-1625). Please do not e-mail. There are too many variables and problems associated with e-mailing cancellations for us to allow it.

When calling, the Team Member answering the phone will take care of cancelling your session. They will always make an attempt to get you rescheduled, regardless of whether you have cancelled with 24 hours’ notice or not. With 24 hours’ notice, there is no charge for the change. Without it, you are scheduling an additional session to the one you cancelled. It is up to you to make the decision as to whether you want to schedule an additional session or not. The Team Member handling the call will not be responsible for reviewing the financial ramifications of rescheduling your appointment unless asked.

In order to maintain professional integrity, One on One discourages staff members from sharing their personal phone numbers with clients. We ask that you respect our position and not ask staff members for their cell phone numbers or for texts.

One on One will charge a $10.00 administrative fee for each payment reminder notice sent. Payment reminder notices indicating the additional fee(s) will be sent weekly until payment is received.

As a reminder, payment for the Associate program is due on the 1st of the month for the upcoming month. Payment is considered late if we have not received it by the 10th of the month. Personal Fitness and Personal Fitness for Two programs are invoiced approximately seven days prior to beginning a new series of twenty-four sessions. Payment is due within 10 days of receiving the invoice.