I started at One-on-One eighteen months ago upon the recommendation of my chiropractor.  I had a half century old injury to my right butt and SI joint that I was trying to fix.  My chiropractor on my biweekly appointments was repeatedly telling me that my butt muscles didn’t work, that my butt muscles were not firing in the right sequence, that I needed glute activation, that I needed squats and lunges.

Well, I needed more than just glute activation.  My lower body would not follow instructions and my upper body refused to hold still while the lower body was moving.  Adam patiently mentored me through nine months of corrective exercise before my brain-muscle neural pathway began to connect.  He also slipped in activities to correct my posture.  Coincidentally, my butt and SI joint problems disappeared and I gave up the chiropractor!

My efforts at One-on-One have evolved to equally hard but more fun activities.  Adam is teaching me kettle bell swings, cleans, presses, snatches and the Turkish get-up!  I can’t wait to see what challenges the One-on-One team will put in front of me in the future.