Clients come to One on One because of our reputation for helping individuals achieve their health/fitness goals. We have achieved this reputation for a few key reasons:

  • Setting clients up for success from day 1. Over thirty-five years of experience has shown us that nothing is more important than a successful start. Our philosophy is to meet you where you need to be met so you’re safe and feel good from the very beginning.
  • Individualization – There is no “one-size-fits-all” program that will get you where you want to be. Meeting your goals often means changing your nutrition habits, choosing the right fitness protocols, and organizing your life around your new lifestyle. This is a significant, multi-faceted endeavor. Customizing your program and providing meaningful support is the best way to help you succeed.
  • Teamwork – We work together to ensure our personal trainers and registered dietitians are prepared to train you at the highest level.
  • Our environment – One on One is the “anti” gym. We take great pride in our facility and all the human beings who are a part of our community. As a result, our community shows that same sense of pride and treat One on One as if it were their own.
  • No long-term commitmentsAll One on One programs are short-term. If we aren’t working hard and helping you see results, you are under no obligation to continue. Having said that, we are proud to report that our clients stay with us an average of 4 years!

The professional personal trainers and dietitians at One on One are qualified to work with a broad range of ages and abilities. In fact, after being around for over thirty years, it feels like we have seen it all!

However, like most business, we do attract a certain audience. Our core clientele consists of active aging adults (typically age 50 and up) wanting to live their healthiest, happiest life. This means they want to lose weight, manage their aches/pains, and improve their fitness so they are free to live the lives they want to live.

That’s easy… our team sets us apart.

All of our personal trainers and registered dietitians are full-time professionals. This is significant. They are not “dabbling” in our profession or expected to sell themselves in any way.  In addition to holding a wide range of degrees and certifications, they all go through our 6-week in-house training program before they work with their first client. This commitment to excellence and professionalism is unique to One on One.

Something else that makes us unique… our facility is clean! We treat the facility like we do our own homes.

The experience starts by scheduling an Initial Consultation to help you create manageable goals and ensure that we mutually have the tools needed to succeed. After your consultation, we develop your program and start you with 4 – 6 weeks of personal training. This gives us enough time to help you see the positive benefits of training and to educate you so programs involving less supervision can still be just as effective.

Hiring a personal trainer is just like hiring any other consultant, you get what you pay for. It takes a competent professional to provide a thorough, results-oriented experience.

At One on One, price and programming depends on a number of factors (i.e. goals, schedule, medical history, etc.). Our programs range anywhere from $150 – $1000+ per month. The variability largely relates to the amount of interaction you have with your personal trainer.

People have success trying intermittent fasting, paleo, keto, etc. but often have difficulty permanently changing their eating habits, ultimately leading to constant yo-yoing.

If you want to change your eating habits, we suggest you start by practicing mindful eating. There are various mindful eating strategies, and one of our favorites is the hunger scale to prevent overeating.

The short answer is yes.

Every exercise ever created serves a purpose and can be beneficial for the right person. However, there are exercises that can harm you. If you have orthopedic issues or movement limitations, the wrong exercise could do more harm than good.  The squat, for example, delivers incredible strength and conditioning benefits, but if you have arthritic knees and tight hips, you will miss all the benefits and feel quite a bit of pain as you perform the movement.

At One on One, we thoroughly screen our clients so we can prescribe the best exercises for them, and conversely, determine what exercises they should avoid.

Multi-joint resistance exercises, performed at an elevated heart rate, deliver the best calorie burning effect. Squats, deadlifts, and 3D Matrix Training are a few examples of multi-joint resistance exercises that will help you burn calories during and after your training session.

When performing these movements, prioritize your safety. Be sure you are approaching the movement with the proper set up and endpoints, and scale it appropriately to avoid over-straining.