The personal attention is the key reason I continue to work out consistently all year round. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and their commitment to the clientele.

-Greg Elliott, One on One Client

Our Fitness Programs

Regardless of goals or geographical location, One on One has a program and a price point for everyone.

We start by helping you create realistic, manageable goals and support those efforts through intelligent fitness and nutrition programming. All of our programs begin with an Initial Consultation to ensure that we mutually have the tools needed to succeed. Our 30 years of experience has given us the unique ability to ensure all clients are successful from the very beginning of their program.

In the 60+ age category, I needed a safe program that also challenged me to continue to increase my fitness and overall health. One on One meets this goal every day!

-Claudia Mincemoyer, One on One Client

The Personal Fitness Program

This is our most structured and time-efficient fitness program. Personal Fitness Training clients commit to a series of twelve sessions, typically three to four fully-supervised sessions per week. These sessions can be performed either in our State College facility, your home, or at your office. Each session is prepared in advance based on your goals and feedback from your previous exercise session. Full-time interaction with your trainer makes this the most effective exercise program offered.

The Independent Program

After experiencing the Personal Fitness Program, clients have the education and increased fitness level to train effectively without full-time guidance. This allows for many cost-effective options, including The Independent Program.

Independent Program clients have full access to the facility, as well as a prescribed fitness program and a dedicated Program Manager responsible for their ongoing success. In addition, independent clients can purchase individual training sessions with their Program Manager at our lowest bundled rates.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training (SGT) provides One on One’s unique brand of personal training at a lower price point. Under the leadership of a One on One fitness professional, 2-5 clients engage in specialized, dynamic small group training sessions. Our State College gym has been redesigned so you can safely exercise while using your own equipment in your own space.

There is nothing “generic” about Small Group Training at One on One.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training provides One on One’s Personal Fitness programming to clients who need to train at home and/or live outside of State College. Clients connect with One on One personal trainers online through a live video chat service. Like all One on One programs, the Virtual Training experience is about more than just the workout, providing you with the tools and guidance necessary to help you meet your goals.

“TO GO!” Program

Let One on One create a fitness and nutrition program that you can implement anywhere…your home, office, on vacation…anywhere! We will teach you how to achieve your goals without spending thousands on equipment and be there to help you for the long haul.

Something For Everyone

Personal training client working on fitness and weight loss

Fit for Life

Let us help you get “fit for life” by helping you increase your strength, improve your movement and maintain a healthy weight. We help you prioritize your fitness goals and support those goals through daily practices and specific workouts.
One on one training client staying healthy and active

Senior Lifestyle

Our over 60 clients have a wide range of needs from seeking confidence to perform daily activities to recent retirees looking to play hard and enjoy their retirement. As we advance in years, there is a natural decline in many of our physiological functions. At One on One, our goal is to slow this decline by addressing balance, reaction, mobility, and strength.

personal trainers at one on one fitness practicing mobility and weight loss exercises

Sports Performance

Our sports performance clients include both competitive and recreational athletes. Regardless of sport and level of competition, an effective sports performance program is designed for two outcomes: injury prevention and increased athleticism. Our athletes (from professionals to weekend warriors) can expect increased durability and enhanced performance.
A one on one dietician reviewing personalized plan with a client

Nutrition Counseling

Consistent with our commitment to deliver more than just “workouts”, every One on One client has an opportunity to meet with our full-time registered dietitian. Our nutrition services are accepted by most major health insurance providers*.

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