At One on One, we pride ourselves in being the “anti-health club”. Our clients don’t come to us simply for workouts, they come to us with a desire to become healthier and enjoy a higher quality of life. Our environment, our experience and our commitment to wellness and habit change sets us apart.

Healthy and Happy

We know that everyone basically wants the same thing…to be healthy and happy. This is clearly the endgame, but it should also be your starting point. Healthy and happy…as you define it…should become the motivation for every decision you make.

At One on One, we guide our clients down this path and get them looking through the “lens” of overall health and happiness. When doing so, goals such as losing weight tend to look a little different. For example, going on a restrictive diet and working out 90 minutes per day will certainly cause you to lose weight, but at what cost? Are you really healthier and happier? Does this happiness have legs? Are you enjoying the process? When taking a measured approach that is more consistent with your desired lifestyle, you will be more likely to answer these questions affirmatively.

Habit Change

In our experience, real, lasting habit change must start by developing a new perspective and a new mindset.

At One on One, we believe strongly in a set of “Core Beliefs” as effective tools to create this new perspective and facilitate habit change:

  • We must care for ourselves first before we can care for others.
  • We always have choices.
  • We must foster an attitude of gratitude versus one of deprivation.
  • We must be willing to stretch ourselves and get out of our “comfort zone.”
  • We must practice acceptance.

One Day at a Time

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of what it might take to accomplish some of life’s important objectives? Often, we tend to focus on an outcome that is so far away it seems truly unattainable, leaving us too intimidated to even begin.  Rather than getting bogged down in what you “should” be doing and where you “hope” to be, we suggest you focus on the here and now, and do so one day at a time (ODAT).

ODAT is as much a mindset as it is a strategy for success. The way that you frame your thoughts and efforts around habit change is powerful. So powerful, in fact, that it can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure. Consider how manageable making a healthy modification to your diet just for today is compared to the idea of having to lose 30 lbs or going on a restrictive diet.  Practice the ODAT mindset, and watch your results take care of themselves!

Less is More

How many of us have had visions of weight loss, committed to making revolutionary lifestyle changes overnight, and found that within the month we were back to old habits?  Fads such as the Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, Mediterranean Diet, etc. promise instant results while asking you to make extreme changes.  Initially, weight loss may occur, but most people fall back into old patterns and regain any weight lost. We have found that this approach is simply not sustainable long-term.

Those who have lasting success at losing and maintaining their weight do so by committing weekly to small, manageable changes.  The short-term nature of these commitments makes them significantly less daunting and prevents the potential discouragement that can come from overly ambitious diet plans. Success with these small changes creates an upward spiral that leads to success with further change.  This approach encourages gradual weight loss while fostering a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

A Successful Start

You will never have the chance to enjoy long-term health and fitness if you struggle to get out of the gate!

 At One on One, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients feel successful from the very beginning. The key is meeting them where they are at. Safety is our top priority, but if you’re not getting results and enjoying the process, it doesn’t matter how safe we are! Intelligent programming from real professionals is what you can expect from One on One.