“It is evident that One-on-One views their own success through the success of their clients.”

Jodi’s Experience


One of the best decisions ever was for me to join One-on-One Fitness.

I was a member of a 24-hour gym and was not seeing any results and lacked motivation. It was then that I made the decision to work with a personal trainer to help achieve my health and fitness goals.

When I did a search for local places, One-on-One Fitness was at the top of the list. Just looking at their website (reading their approach, reviewing the Staff Bios, looking at the services offered) provided the affirmation I needed that I was heading in the right direction.

Working with One-on-One Fitness is truly a personalized experience. You walk into the center and are immediately greeted by several trainers, who all know you by face and name. It is not uncommon to have Bruce come up to you while you’re working out to ask how you’re doing and for feedback on One-on-One or to be greeted with a huge smile and friendly wave from Ryan as he walks by the outside windows and sees you. When you have trainer sessions, it is a tailored workout regimen that has been created to accomplish what you want to achieve. For the days when you aren’t meeting with a trainer and are working independently, you have a customized workout program designed specifically with you and your goals in mind that progresses as your fitness levels and abilities increase.

Throughout the entire process, it is evident that the One-on-One Fitness staff cares about you – how you’re doing, how you’re feeling, what progress you’re making, if there is anything you want changed, what you like and don’t like, etc. When you decide to join, they ask you questions to make sure that they are catering to your needs and wants and they continue to ask questions throughout the duration of your program. They really emphasize the importance of communication – you to them, them to you and the trainers to one another. They truly listen to your feedback and input and make efforts to incorporate it into your sessions. It is evident that One-on-One views their own success through the success of their clients.

Not only does One-on-One Fitness care about their clients, but they care about the community too. Several of their offerings don’t involve any payment to them, but instead require a donation to either the Centre County Youth Service Bureau or Centre Volunteers in Medicine. That act of selflessness and of giving back to the community further separates them from the “competition.”

During my time with One-on-One, I have already had a personal experience with staff going above and beyond. It is evident that their level of caring isn’t just about your well-being while inside of their facility, but outside of it as well. At one of my sessions when I first started, I wasn’t feeling too great. Several trainers expressed genuine concern while I was at the gym and one even followed-up with me the next day via email to make sure that I was okay.

Having a Registered Dietician on staff is also extremely helpful. Being able to meet with Paige or just ask her questions carries your wellness plan outside of the facility and into your real life. I haven’t joined yet, but I intend to participate in The Prize Club to further enhance my personal growth and achievements for my overall health and wellness.

Something else that sets One-on-One apart from other fitness centers is that they have multiple trainers. While some people may be put off by the group trainer approach, I find that it is an excellent model. You have one designated Program Manager, but get a different perspective from each trainer during each session. They have different teaching styles, different tips and tricks, different ways of motivating and encouraging you and different personalities. But regardless of that – it’s still about YOU. And what you say to one, they communicate to the others so that everyone knows where you’re at and how you’re feeling. They have made it a seamless practice.

I have truly been overwhelmed by this experience in the best way possible. They have made me feel welcome and part of the group from day one. You aren’t ever alone when you’re there (or even when you aren’t). They are an extended family and one that is focused on helping you to reach your goals. There has not been a moment that I regret my decision to join One-on-One and would highly recommend them to anyone.