The half kneel hold is a corrective exercise used to turn on postural stabilizers, which are often overpowered by larger muscle groups. This exercise is all about posture and alignment to balance you in position versus using big muscles to help you hold the position. Having most of your weight on the bottom knee engages your postural muscles allowing the big muscle groups to turn off.

Most people’s strength exceeds their stability. Training the half kneel hold on a daily basis engages the postural muscles to stabilize the spine and pelvis prior to big muscles moving the extremities. This significantly improves movement performance and reduces risk of injury.

To begin, assume a half kneel position with your feet aligned with their corresponding hips. You should have 98% of your weight on the bottom knee, with as little as possible in your feet. Your shoulder should be aligned right on top of your hips. This is progression one. If you have stability in this position, you are ready to progress to progression two.

From your half kneel position, inch your front foot inwards so it is aligned with your knee. This puts you in a more narrow position which takes stability away. Your weight must remain predominantly on your bottom knee…don’t shift your weight to compensate for lack of stability. If this position feels stable, then you are ready for progression three.

Remaining in the same inline position as progression two, raise your arms over your head. This changes your center of mass creating more instability. If it still feels easy to hold that position, rotate your body with your arms over head to the left and right. This is progression four.

Hold these positions for 30 seconds on both sides twice a day and you will see how much easier it is to assume proper posture.