By: Paige Whitmire
Too often, it is not so much what we eat as the reasons why and manner in which we do so that causes problems. To successfully sustain healthy eating habits, these issues must be addressed head-on.
First, identify destructive mindless eating habits you currently possess.  Do you have a tendency to do any of the following:

  • Stuff yourself at meals?
  • Graze and snack when you’re not even hungry?
  • Binge at social events or special occasions?
  • Eat your meals distracted (i.e. watching TV, on the phone)?

After identifying reasons for “how” and “why” we eat, the next step is to improve our current habits through mindful eating skills.  Mindful eating is a learned skill that requires a strategy and commitment to practice. Try some of these mindful eating techniques to help you develop healthy eating habits:

  • Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables
  • Learn to differentiate between psychological vs. physical hunger
  • Acknowledge your hunger and fullness level
  • Eat without distractions
  • Chew slowly, take your time, enjoy every bite
  • Pre-portion your food
  • Wait 15 minutes before getting second
  • Be aware of environmental temptations
  • Use a food journal

Developing mindful eating skills will give you the ability to tackle any temptation and keep you on track to accomplishing your goals.