“THANK YOU! You should be proud of your staff and the business you have”

Karen’s Group Training Experience

As I was looking back over this past year, I realized just how much your facility has played an important role in my life. Over these past 3 years, my overall health and fitness level has surpassed anything I thought imaginable. I truly feel I am in better shape now than I ever was. But not just physical shape. My emotional and mental state is so much better too. By being physically fit and active helps me manage my overall life. I am a better mother. I am a better wife. I am a better Physical Therapist.

You have created a fitness family. Your facility is top notch. I look forward to coming in at 6AM and having my butt kicked by your awesome trainers. The group classes are outstanding. Each class is unique and challenging. I am NEVER bored or feel like I am in a ‘rut’. Julia and Andy push me, encourage me and help me succeed. The camaraderie of the class also helps — again it’s the fitness family!

Julia has gone above and beyond for our 6AM class. She spends a lot of time thinking and preparing class for us. She takes into account our specific likes and incorporates them into the class. She really cares about us getting the best work out we can. Her smile and enthusiasm are fantastic.

Andy has been the 6AM group trainer from the start. I credit him with ‘jump starting’ my ‘new life’. He continues to help me reach new goals. I will be forever thankful.

The extra 6AM classes you offered were a welcome addition. I appreciate the extra time and effort Ryan and Callie put into those classes. I had never really trained with Kettlebells and enjoyed learning new exercises and making my body work in new ways.

I tell everyone about your facility and the wonderful success I have had coming there. So, once again, THANK YOU! You should be proud of your staff and the business you have. You truly have changed my life and in the process are hopefully molding my 2 daughters to see what a lifetime of fitness and healthy eating can do for you!

Happy New Year!

Karen Kelly