General fitness clients know that they need to be proactive in order to maintain their overall health and fitness. They may be striving for increased strength, improved movement and agility, weight loss, or simply overall health. We help them to prioritize their fitness goals and support those goals through daily practices and specific workouts.

If you become one of our clients, we will create a fitness plan that allows you to meet your goals and to enjoy the process. In short, we will help you increase your current level of fitness—and maintain that increase over the long term.

“A program of physical conditioning requires a commitment of resources, both in time and money. But it also requires the professional guidance and personal interest offered by Bruce, Kym, and the staff at One on One. They got me started and made sure I stayed focused. They are knowledgeable professionals who are totally committed to the business of physical fitness. It has been over seventeen years, and their interest in my on-going physical well-being is as intense as it was when I began.”

–Andrew Zangrilli
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