Fall 2015

We are currently creating a schedule for our Fall 2015 Youth Athletic Readiness Traing Progam. Please let us know if there are specific days/times you would prefer.

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Our Youth Athletic Readiness Training (YART) programs are designed for middle and high school athletes who are interested in enhancing performance, preventing injury, and developing proper habits to fully enjoy participating in sports. Typically these athletes are looking to improve their overall athletic ability through enhanced mobility, agility, coordination, speed, and power.

We believe in helping young athletes develop their abilities through mastery of basic movement patterns, enhanced body awareness, and coordinated reactive responses that mirror the demands of the sports in which they participate. We avoid excessive specialization at young ages to allow well-rounded development and limit overuse injuries from repetitive movements. Our positive, energetic, and fun environment helps foster success and an appreciation for the benefits of regular training.