* Seventy percent of our adult population is overweight.
* Over thirty percent of our children are overweight.
* Without commiting to a healthier lifestyle, one in three children born after
   the year 2000 will develop diabetes.


It is time to act!

The Nutrition Habit Challenge was created to educate and inspire our community to take personal responsibility for their nutrition/exercise choices. We believe the Challenge is an excellent family activity, but more importantly, an excellent parenting opportunity.

Get your family together and discuss what each of you can do to make healthier nutrition choices. From there, make simple commitments, get registered and hold each other accountable. Not only will it be fun, but you will be modeling personal responsibility and leadership for those you love. It is also an opportunity to model and practice integrity…the Challenge is done on the honor system.

We all must do our part to make a difference.  It’s got to start at home.

We hope you will participate…you’re worth it!

Thank you,

Bruce and Kym Burke