Nittany Christian School’s 2013-2014 Physical Education/Health Education Program

One on One is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Nittany Christian School to deliver “Let’s Have Fun in Phys Ed (LHFPE)”.

LHFPE is a fitness based curricular model designed to empower students to adopt lifelong participation in physical activity for optimal health benefits. It is a comprehensive curricular model that ensures each student is receiving an effective, high quality physical education.

The overarching goal of LHFPE is to develop physically educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. The lesson plans within LHFPE meet all six national standards for physical education and prioritizes these big-picture objectives. They provide a platform from which the overarching goal can be met.

LHFPE gives students the tools they need to participate in physical activity beyond class time in the gymnasium. LHFPE recognizes that behavior modification must occur, and that it will only occur if the student’s stakeholders, those in their “sphere of influence”, are supportive and sending the same message. Accountability from teachers, parents, coaches, and peers is critical. This is the essence of a high quality physical education program, and all LHFPE lesson plans and assignments are designed with this in mind. In order for the student to be maximally successful, their stakeholders must get involved.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring such a cutting edge program to our school!”
Tony Wilson, headmaster Nittany Christian School

Lastly, LHFPE is adaptable. Combining a fitness-based curriculum with quality PE professionals ensures each student’s needs are being met. This point can be illustrated by identifying the pitfalls of more conventional, sports centered P.E. curriculum. How adaptable can a 4 week basketball unit be? If the student dislikes basketball, is it possible they will become competent, literate, or enthusiastic about basketball? It would be challenging to adapt the class to address that individual student’s needs. Conversely, a curriculum designed to promote lifelong participation in physical activity for optimal health benefits can and should be delivered in different ways because students have different needs. Those who dislike exercise will need a different learning experience than those who take an interest in it. The model shows its adaptability by implementing different strategies such as utilizing the student’s immediate environment, stressing the importance of continued education and creating a variety of engaging activities.

The comprehensive nature of LHFPE requires that the teacher is competent and creative. They need to fully understand the content and be creative with its delivery. Excellent communication is the key. Students must not only understand the content, but be excited and inspired to practice it. The fitness professionals at One on One possess these important skills and will ensure that these objectives are met.

To learn how you can bring LHFPE to your school/organization, please contact us.