MARCH 3, 2010

by Bruce Burke

I had a great interaction with one of our team members this morning. I shared with him a lesson I learned a while ago that has served me well. I would like to share it with you also.

Any time we have a problem with someone, it is critical that we FIRST review our own behavior and responsibility in the matter, regardless of how grievously we feel we have been wronged. It makes no difference if the other individual has 90% responsibility in the conflict and you have 10%. We too often use another’s bad behavior to justify our own. It is a losing strategy. Focus on your 10%, make amends (if necessary), and grow. If you are constantly justifying your own bad behavior because someone else’s is worse, significant personal growth will be a challenge.

I promise our next blog entry will focus on something fitness related instead of me bloviating on the revelation du jour!