Crocodile Breathing

Crocodile breathing is a great exercise for teaching yourself to breathe diaphragmatically. To begin, lie face down on the floor with your forehead on the back of your hands, making sure your neck is in alignment with the rest of your spine. Then breathe in through your nose and deep into your belly. When done correctly, you will feel your stomach push out into the ground and the sides of your stomach evenly expand. Once you have done this, simply exhale and begin the process again. You should not rush through this exercise; your breathing should come at a natural pace and you should focus on your stomach pushing into the floor. Gradually build up to being able to crocodile breathe for five minutes and enjoy the benefits that authentic, diaphragmatic breathing has to offer.

Watch for diaphragmatic breathing to be highlighted in our Focus Point of the Week to learn more about the benefits of authentic breathing.