Many of our clients develop poor posture because they sit at a desk for most of their day. To combat its harmful effects, we educate our clients on ideal posture and suggest anti-sitting corrective exercise they can easily integrate into their daily activities. Here are three anti-sitting tips we use with our clients:

Are you goose-necking?
Thanks to computers and smartphones, many clients suffer from the harmful effects of forward-head posture. We cue them to align their ears with the top of their shoulders to combat this common dysfunction.

Where are your thumbs pointing?
This is a quick assessment of upper back and shoulder position. Thumbs should be facing forward with the shoulders depressed and slightly retracted. Seated posture encourages thumbs facing the thighs with the shoulders elevated and protracted.

Get up and move!
This is a simple way to bring balance back to the body. If a client sits for too long, they will end up slouching. We develop strategies to get them out of their chair to walk and stretch. Some strategies include: setting an hourly alarm to get out of the chair, going for a walk during the lunch break, or setting a daily step count (i.e. 10,000 steps/day).

These tips are a part of a larger message that we send at One on One…Prevention. Debilitating pain is inevitable if poor posture goes unchecked. On the flip side, following these tips are helpful and can have a profound impact on our client’s health. It’s important for fitness professionals to educate, motivate, and provide accountability to ensure our clients are feeling their best.