Pull out the coolers, pick up a veggie tray and fire the grills up ‘cause tailgating season is here! For the next few months we can look forward to coming together with friends on Saturdays, eating great food, and watching football. Tailgating season also presents challenges with staying disciplined on our diets. With so much good food laid out in front of us, considering our diets is usually the last thing on our minds. However, with a little planning, we can root on our favorite teams and still stay on track with a healthy diet. Before you dive in to the buffet table, consider the following tips:

-Leave yourself a little wiggle room on Saturday afternoon to splurge by cutting back on a few food or drink items during the week.

-Eat a small snack containing protein and fiber before arriving at the tailgate to prevent overeating.

-Offer to bring a dish or two to the tailgate so you can ensure there are a couple healthy options.

-Always eat from a plate and avoid continually grazing the buffet table. It will help you keep track of how much you are eating.

-First fill up on lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables so when you see those less healthy dishes that you’ve just got to have you can eat them in moderation.

-Alternate alcoholic beverages with water. The water will help to keep you feeling full through-out the day and will cut down on your calories from alcohol.