I have just celebrated my first anniversary at One on One and it has been a fantastic year of improving my fitness and overall health. Through an individualized training plan, Alec and the other trainers helped me to safely increase my strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. I also lowered my A1C from pre-diabetic to normal as a result of my improved fitness. I look forward to my sessions and independent work at One on One—something that I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say about working out!

Everyone at One on One is so welcoming and supportive and genuinely interested in helping you reach your goals… even simple goals, like being able to get up off the floor while holding your new grandbaby! During COVID, One on One has gone above and beyond in adhering to health and safety guidelines. I have family and friends who tell me that I shouldn’t be going to a gym. I tell them that they don’t know the safety measures in place at my gym. Thank you, One on One, for keeping me safe, healthy and happy and showing me that exercising with a mask on isn’t so bad after all!

Claudia Mincemoyer performing Single Leg Deadlifts during her personal training session.