Sweat & Stretch

It’s all in the name! Join us for 40 minutes of combined stretching, mobility, and bodyweight movements all designed to help you break a sweat and loosen up.

Sweat & Stretch is a 40-minute in-person/online virtual session consisting of stretching, corrective exercise, and bodyweight movements in a continuous flow pattern. Sweat & Stretch is easily scalable, making it great for all fitness levels. Whether you’ve been hitting hit hard all week at the gym or in the office, Sweat & Stretch is right for you! This dynamic experience is designed to improve posture, mobility, and stability all while breaking a sweat.

Sweat & Stretch is offered weekly on Saturdays at 9AM EST at One on One or via Zoom.

If you are attending Sweat & Stretch in person, please bring your own yoga mat, sweat towel, and water bottle. If participating via Zoom, no equipment is necessary to enjoy the full benefits of Sweat & Stretch. However, yoga mats are encouraged for better support and stability throughout the session.

All are welcome to register for Sweat & Stretch, whether or not you are currently a One on One client. We welcome people from all areas and all fitness levels to give Sweat & Stretch a try!

Sessions are $10 each. Your credit or debit card will be charged $10 each time you attend a Sweat & Stretch session.

If you would like to attend Sweat & Stretch in person, talk to a team member to get started, or email us at info@oneononefit.com.

If you would like to attend Sweat & Stretch virtually, register HERE! Once registered, a team member will contact you to gather payment information and ensure you are set up for your first Sweat & Stretch session. You will then receive a confirmation email with the link to join the Sweat & Stretch sessions. This same link will be used each week, so be sure to save the email!

If you will be joining Sweat & Stretch with another friend or family member, be sure that all participants register prior to attending their first session.

Yes! Sweat & Stretch sessions can be purchased in bundles of any amount for $10 per session. Simply contact us to order a bundle of Sweat & Stretch sessions for a friend or family member.

Registered Dietitan Haley Golich leading Sweat and Stretch