I made the decision to join the One on One family in 2017 after almost two years of struggling to get back to an active lifestyle after the birth of my son.  I knew I needed help being accountable for my fitness and was tired of just dieting to lose those last pounds of baby weight.  I made a firm personal commitment to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Over the course of the past few years One on One has helped me lose weight, become strong and improve my health habits. I feel great!

Despite their closure, One on One remained as committed to my fitness as I am. They quickly transitioned to virtual personal training and virtual small group training, both of which are fantastic services! I regularly attended these sessions and was pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness and attention to detail. I was often surprised at the number of MEPS I had after working out in my basement with just tubing.

Although the virtual experience was excellent, I was overwhelmingly happy to return to One on One. Nothing beats the “vibe” and inspiration that comes from the in-person experience at One on One. In fact, I have to admit, being back at One on One brought tears to my eyes!

Everything about the experience has been safe, individualized and effective. The new facility layout promotes cleaning, social distancing and limited sharing of equipment. Additionally, One on One has been consistently following through on their safety procedures, which leaves me feeling confident that I am exercising in a safe gym environment.

The new small group training experience is great and still gives you the same group vibe as before. One on One has made many positive changes to keep the experience safe and specialized. I appreciate having my own space and equipment while also training with others. I am always impressed with the program design and the team’s ability to challenge me appropriately. The new experience is as solid as it’s ever been, and I recommend anyone with general fitness goals to give it a try.

Thank you One on One for remaining committed to helping me live a healthy and happy life and thank-you to the trainers that continue to challenge my fitness goals on every visit.