After raising two children, sitting in a corporate office for 30+ years, becoming head of this and volunteer for that, and never saying “no”, I witnessed my fitness level plummet from that of a competitive athlete to one of a put-everybody-else-first “serial doer”.  Moving to Centre County three years ago, I began my personal training journey and my life was about to change, with One on One Fitness becoming a solution not only for exercise but for overall wellness.

I felt as though I was part of the One on One family from the moment I walked through their door.  Beginning with consultation sessions to ensure that my medical history was considered, and quickly establishing relationships with the training and dietician staff, every interaction at One on One has been professional, friendly, relaxed, informative, and beneficial to my physical as well as my mental well-being.

As I settled into a routine of personal training sessions, I learned that diversifying my workouts would be key to my success.  In the past, I had fallen into the habit of doing the same set of exercises, or hopping on the same piece of cardio equipment, each time I exercised.  While this static approach made workouts feel more comfortable, that comfort came at a cost and resulted in a lack of progress once my body adapted and my fitness level plateaued.  In addition, I learned that exercising without the guidance of a professional was not only unproductive but also dangerous.

The trainers at One on One Fitness have helped me to maintain a healthy and challenging exercise regimen through a variety of diverse activities.  We cover many elements of fitness including aerobic exercise, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and stretching.  I engage in several personal and small group training sessions each week, with the trainers always focused on proper technique, maximum benefit, muscle health, and having fun!  Participating in indoor cycle classes has added another element to my fitness regimen.  The communication between trainers at One on One is extraordinary, resulting in fitness sessions always focused on the needs, strengths, and limitations of each individual client.

The One on One atmosphere is far from intimidating.  I work out alongside inspirational people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.  Although we live in a society where we constantly compare ourselves to others, at One on One I feel as though my competition is myself and I’m surrounded by staff members and other clients who all cheer for my success.  I always want to do better than I did during my last workout, and the feeling of defeating my past self is awesome.

My trainer leads me through online virtual training sessions when I’m traveling and also outlines independent workouts to ensure that my training schedule remains consistent when I exercise alone.  In addition, I’ve benefitted from nutritional counseling, friends & family fitness sessions, social events, and special curricula focused on info-sharing, inspiration, and accountability to create lasting habit change.

One on One’s fitness blog and interactive discussion forum, which share advice, encouragement, and strategies to succeed, serve as uplifting reminders and they often provide that much-needed boost during a challenging week.

The One on One staff training program is top notch.  After damaging bones and ligaments in my ankle, and months later straining my lower back, the One on One staff helped me continue my fitness routine while ensuring that together we nursed my ailments back to good health.  Although many people with injuries will suffer a setback in their fitness, I was able to keep moving!  I am confident that the trainers have the proper background and skills to lead me through vigorous workouts that avoid further injury and to provide me with techniques to help strengthen injured and aching body parts.

To me, the term “wellness” means becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.  Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth – a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.  Working on my fitness has helped me learn to care for my mind and my body.  I’ve become more organized, make better decisions, and am motivated to take on new life challenges.  I now make better food choices, doctor visits have been reduced, my circulation and joint health have improved, and my sleep patterns are healthier.

“I will beat her.  I will train harder.  I will eat cleaner.  I know her strengths.  I’ve lost to her before but not this time.  She is going down.  I have the advantage because I know her well.  She is the old me.”