After finishing my internship program here at One on One I can confidently say that my expectations were greatly exceeded! The amount of care and helpfulness that every single member of the team demonstrated was amazing to be able to see and experience. I will forever be grateful for their generosity of taking all of the time and energy during their extremely busy schedules to make sure that I was getting the best out of my internship, and I cannot express how much I was able to learn from all of them in the few weeks that I was here. I always felt welcome from the very first day I stepped inside, and getting to build relationships with the not only the team but also all of their clients was a very rewarding aspect of my experience that I did not think would be a possibility considering the short time frame. Overall I had no idea just how meaningful of an experience I would have at One on One, and if you are considering applying here for an internship program definitely don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Colton Dash completing a lunge with kettlebells