Trying to sum up the life changing experience I have had during my time at One on One is difficult. As a team member since 2018, I can wholeheartedly say that One on One has improved both my professional and personal life in more ways than one. With a background in nutrition as a Registered Dietitian, I did not think I could find a career that could combine my passion for fitness, nutrition, and helping others until I found One on One. One on One not only taught me to become a proficient fitness professional, but also a better communicator, a stronger leader, and a more values-driven individual. These skills have helped me in all aspects of my life. Combine this with a community of amazing team members and clients alike, and One on One exceeds my expectations as a workplace. I count myself as lucky to be a member of this team. After having a baby and moving across the country, I have still found a way to rejoin the team, which speaks to how highly I regard One on One.

One on One’s Spirit of Caring—which permeates everything they do from event planning to personal development to client interactions to employee benefits—is unmatched. It is what keeps me a part of this team and without a doubt what keeps our clients with us for decades. After being a part of One on One for over 4 years and seeing almost all aspects of the business, I can say that this Spirit of Caring runs deep. I am proud to be a part of the One on One community, and I am deeply appreciative for all that they have provided to me over the years.

Registered Dietitan Haley Golich leading Sweat and Stretch