I am honored to have been part of such an amazing place that does so many wonderful things each and every day.  I’ve been blessed with the ability to change the lives of so many people over the last 3 years.  It was amazing being able to do this with a true team.  I hear a lot in the industry about “team training” when really it’s more like trainers fending for themselves.  At One on One, this was never once the case.  I’ve developed incredible relationships with my co-workers and with all clients, whether I trained them or not.  The culture at One on One brings so many people together and the environment is so professional, positive, friendly, and welcoming to all.

One on One strives every day to improve and make itself a better place.  They make sure that everyone has the tools to do the same thing, whether you’re an employee or a client.  Because of this, I’ve developed very high standards and expectations of myself, both professionally and personally.  I never let myself settle for mediocrity.  I was given the tools to grow into an excellent personal trainer and become an even better person.  Utilizing these tools has made me more successful and given me the opportunity to continue improving, even after I’ve moved on.  I went into One on One as a college graduate with little experience, and left as a true professional that can succeed anywhere I go in life.  I’ve developed into a more confident, outgoing, knowledgeable and mature person.

Thank you so much, One on One, for molding me into the person I am today.  I will always cherish my time there and will never forget how all of the clients, trainers, and senior staff have had such a positive impact on my life. I know for sure that I can go anywhere, excel, and be a strong leader.