One on One is a place that has had a tremendous impact on me as a young professional. When I think about how far I have come both professionally and personally during my time at One on One I am thankful that I chose to start a career at a place that has such a high standard of excellence. The environment at One on One pushed me to be at my best each and every day and the culture motivated me to always seek to be better.

My journey at One on One started with an internship during my final semester at Penn State. It was no accident that I landed at One on One; after learning about them at a career fair my freshman year I knew that this was a place that I wanted to be. Why? Because during my research it quickly became clear to me that they were -by far- the best personal training facility around, and I wanted to learn from the best.

Additionally, after having done an internship at a different facility in town that was almost completely unstructured, I was very keen to experience an organized, hands-on internship program that would progressively lead me through everything I needed to know to be an excellent personal trainer.

Prior to my internship experience at One on One, I was unsure of a career as a personal trainer. I never viewed myself as being the type of person who would be successful with the marketing, self-promotion, and sales that are required to “make it” as a traditional personal trainer. This is another reason that One on One stood out to me; they would do the “dirty work” of acquiring the clients and allow me to focus on being the best fitness professional I could be. It was the perfect situation for me to be successful right off the bat.

All of these factors combined to make One on One stand out as an ideal place for me to flourish as a full-time personal trainer. When I was offered a position at the end of my internship, I knew that I would be accepting a role within this organization that was heavily invested in my growth and success. They had just put me through their Training Program, a significant financial investment as well as in time and energy. Now they wanted nothing more than to see me put everything I had learned to good use and become a successful fitness professional and the best trainer I could be.

After having been at One on One for nearly five years, I can confirm that the standard of excellence, attention to detail, and emphasis on creating a culture of true professionals with growth mindsets are what separates One on One from the pack. As someone who strongly values an organizational commitment to professional and personal growth, the Continuing Education Initiative is something that demonstrates how much One on One cares about the development of the team. In addition to the weekly meetings on a variety of topics, I also received both formal and informal mentoring from team members, and was also able to attend professional conferences that further exposed me to the cutting edge of the fitness industry.

In my role as a personal trainer I was exposed to a wide variety of clients from various demographics. I cannot think of a better foundation in the fitness industry than working with the broad range of people that I had to opportunity to train at One on One. Every session and every day was a different learning experience. One hour I may be training a 70 year-old grandmother, and the next I may be training a high school or college athlete. Additionally, I was exposed to both Large and Small Group training, sometimes training those same demographics at the same time!

Any time I had a question or felt unsure, I had an entire team of fitness professionals I could turn to for help and advice. This team training approach is yet another unique aspect of One on One that sets it apart from any other facility in the area. All the team members work together as a staff to ensure that each and every client is having the best possible experience every time they come through the door.

The community at One on One is perhaps the best thing about this great organization. From day one, the importance of community is emphasized. Team members take the initiative to really get to know clients, and not just the ones that they mainly work with. This results in an atmosphere that is friendly, welcoming, and supportive…and a lot of fun to be a part of!

In addition to the great professional experience, I formed relationships with my clients and coworkers that I deeply cherish.  After all, this business is all about helping people and making a difference. I have no doubts that One on One provided me with an awesome platform to do just that.