Karen and Julie

One on One is incredible. Mere words cannot do justice to One on One’s awesomeness, but I’ll try. I started at One on One to improve my fitness and maintain a regular exercise routine. In my three years as a client, I have gotten much stronger and learned a ton about how to exercise safely and effectively. I love the team’s knowledge, versatility and the various personalities. They are true professionals!

Most impressively, the team has been able to work around my physical complications and limitations during two pregnancies to help me stay active and strong. I especially want to give a shout out to Julie for her creativity and positivity in the face of my ever-changing pregnancy needs.

I strongly recommend One on One to help you meet your health and fitness goals. They will provide you with exactly the kind of coaching you need and help you be successful from the very beginning. Thanks to One on One, I finally have a fitness routine I look forward to and enjoy and can stick with long term.