Health and Happiness “One Day at a Time”

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of what it might take to accomplish some of life’s important objectives? Whether it be creating an action plan for becoming more fit, saving for retirement or cutting back on your alcohol consumption, we are often too intimidated to even begin. We tend to focus on an outcome that is so far away it seems truly unattainable.

Rather than getting bogged down in what you “should” be doing and where you “hope” to be, we suggest you focus on the here and now, and do so one day at a time (ODAT).

The Power of ODAT

ODAT is as much a mindset as it is a strategy for success. The way that we frame our thoughts and efforts around habit change is powerful. So powerful, in fact, that it can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure. Issues such as losing weight or decreasing the morbidity that accompanies aging are great examples that we deal with every day at One on One. Real success largely hinges on your approach.

Consider how manageable making a healthy modification to your diet just for today is compared to the idea of having to lose 30 lbs. or going on a restrictive diet. Likewise, rather than thinking about the enormity of slowing the aging process, make a decision just for today to do some corrective exercise. Do these things ODAT and, before you know it, you will have two days, two weeks, two months under your belt!

Combine ODAT with our “Less is More” approach to be most successful. As a reminder, “Less is More” means making a commitment that is manageable enough to ensure daily success, yet significant enough to move you closer to your goals. Once you’ve established a well-defined commitment, simply focus on adhering to that commitment ODAT.

In addition to using the ODAT approach to successfully achieve your goals, it has other significant wellness benefits. Living life ODAT helps to keep us in the moment and remind us not to fret about yesterday or worry about tomorrow. Every day is precious and we should treat it as such.

The next time you find yourself bogged down with how far away you might be from your end goal, consider asking yourself “what is stopping me from being 100% successful just for today?” Practice the ODAT mindset, and watch your results take care of themselves!