Small Group Training (SGT) provides One on One’s unique brand of personal training at a lower price point. Our State College gym is designed so you can safely exercise while using your own equipment with plenty of space.

Under the leadership of a One on One fitness professional, 2-5 clients engage in specialized, dynamic small group training sessions. The specialization is what makes Small Group Training unique and excellent. Our team designs the program and delivers the 50 minute training session based on the individuals who have signed up for it.

There has been a growing population of One on One clients who enjoy exercising in a group setting, but prefer some specialized training or perhaps need a little more individualized attention. This service bridges the gap and allows us to maintain the specialization of personal training while adding the group dynamic.

Click here to send us a message and we will be in touch with you right away with instructions about how to get signed up.

It’s not generic – Our 30+ years of experience have taught us the difference between “specialized” and “generic.” It is not a predetermined workout. Our fitness professionals design and deliver the program based on who is attending.

High intensity is not the only focus – It’s easy to think that group training sessions are only high intensity workouts. While increasing intensity is a key factor, it’s not the only way to challenge people in a safe and effective way. When designing Small Group Training sessions, we consider all factors to create a specialized experience.

The group dynamic is powerful – People commonly describe the group dynamic as “motivating”, “fun” or “feeling a sense of community”. There is a natural “buzz” every time one steps into a group training class. This “buzz” sustains through the session, keeping you focused and motivated.

The reservation system – Small Group Training members will be registered with our online reservation system. Members will use this system to schedule classes and track their reservation history.

The Small Group Personal Fitness Program – We are pleased to offer the Small Group Personal Fitness Program as an option for Small Group Training clients. This option provides instructional personal training sessions and access to the facility to equip you to train effectively on days you won’t be doing a Small Group Training session.

Cost – There are a number of different options available depending on your individual situation. Some clients will make this the main focus of their One on One experience; others will use it to supplement the program they are already on. See one of our team members for more info. 


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