The Personal Fitness Training Program

This is our most structured and time-efficient fitness program. It is available as either thirty or fifty-five minute sessions.

Personal Fitness Training clients commit to a series of twenty-four sessions, typically three to four fully-supervised sessions per week. These sessions can be performed either in our State College facility, in your home, or at your office. Each session is prepared in advance based on your goals and feedback from your previous exercise session. Full-time interaction with your trainer makes this the most effective exercise program offered. Consistently performing exercise at manageably challenging intensities while varying the program is the key to results.

As with all of our programs, you have unlimited use of our State College gym seven days per week.

The Personal Fitness Training Program for Two

You and a friend can have a fully-supervised program for the both of you. Under the guidance of one personal trainer, two clients can share the hour and cost of personalized exercise training.Personal Fitness Training for Two clients also commit to a series of twenty-four sessions, typically meeting three to four times per week.

The Associate Program

The Associate Program is One on One’s answer to providing the motivation, knowledge and skill of a personal trainer at a lower cost to the client. Following the Initial Consultation and Fitness Evaluation, Associate clients will complete three instructional training sessions with their trainer in order to develop a suitable exercise routine. After having an opportunity to exercise independently in our State College facility for one to two sessions, Associate clients will once again meet with their trainer to update their basic routine. Eventually, Associate clients may choose to use their one weekly visit with their trainer to perform a more advanced routine of exercise which requires supervision as opposed to having an instructional session.

Associate clients are entitled to one weekly training session with their trainer and perform the remaining prescribed sessions independently in our facility. Clients on the Associate program commit on a monthly basis. Associate clients have unlimited use of our facility seven days per week.

Independent Training Program

The Independent Training program is available to those who are both knowledgeable and motivated to exercise without the ongoing interaction of a personal trainer. It starts with three instructional sessions to familiarize you with our State College gym, equipment and policies. You are then free to use the facility as often as you like. The Independent Training program can be purchased either monthly or quarterly.

The Virtual Training Program

Virtual Training provides One on One’s Personal Fitness program to clients who live outside of State College. Clients commit to a series of “Skype” sessions. Like all One on One programs, the Virtual Training experience is about more than just the workout.

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 “To Go!” Travel Program

The staff of One on One is prepared to bring its creativity and commitment to excellent customer service to those individuals who can’t make it to our fitness facility in State College, Pennsylvania on a regular basis. If you need to learn how to safely and effectively maintain a fitness program while you are on vacation, traveling for business, exercising in your home, exercising in a hotel or workplace fitness center, training for an athletic event, preparing for surgery, or recovering from an injury we have a solution that can travel with you or stay at home!