Not everyone has the ability to train at our State College fitness center. It is for you that we have created One on One “To Go!”

“To Go!” is designed to give you the tools to safely and effectively train yourself in any environment:

When you are…

  • on vacation
  • traveling for business
  • exercising in your home
  • exercising in a fitness center (private, workplace)
  • training for an athletic event
  • recovering from an injury/surgery

How does it work?

  1. Contact One on One via phone or e-mail.
  2. We will send you an Intake Packet to gather information regarding your medical history, lifestyle, exercise history, nutrition habits, goals, vision and readiness.
  3. We review the questionnaires with you over the phone prior to our first meeting and begin the design of your program.
  4. Meeting 1: Assessment and introduction to your customized program.
  5. Meetings 2 and 3: Instruction on how to implement your program with the goal of “owning” it by meeting #3.

Additional Services:

  • A personalized DVD of your “To Go!” program
  • Equipment…from exercise tubing and stability balls to treadmills
  • Follow up sessions to teach progressions
  • E-mail support

Would you like to learn more about One on One “To Go!”? Read this interview with Kym Burke as she describes the program.

“Experience the difference a One on One training program can make”