With July officially behind us, we want to take the opportunity to reflect on what we learned during our first ODAT challenge. Congratulations to Team FUN for securing the win and having perhaps the greatest comeback that we have seen in One on One history! The final score was 1085 for Team FUN and 1076 for Team SUMMER. Each Team FUN participant will receive an additional entry into our Summer of Fun Raffle!

While we all love a good competition, ODAT means so much more than just that. The ODAT Challenge was our opportunity to focus on daily success with a new habit, one day at a time, allowing us to start on an upward spiral of motivation. Our hope is that you have experienced real behavior change and that the ODAT challenge served as a springboard for more positive changes to come.

Imagine what life could be like if we continue to focus on making small, meaningful changes one day at a time. Could it mean an increase in your fitness level? Improved organizational skills? A more positive mental attitude? The sky is the limit in terms of what we are capable of when we adopt this strategy in our daily lives.

Thank you to all ODAT Challenge participants for your commitment and for being an inspiration to us all. We look forward to more ODAT challenges in the future!


The One on One Team