The Prize Club believes that you must have something in your life that is important and powerful enough to influence your behavior at all times. That “something” is what we call your Prize.

Everyone’s Prize is different. For some of us, being good role models for our children can be quite powerful and enough to influence our behavior. For others, not wanting our poor health to burden those we love as we age, or to simply enjoy the freedom that comes with good health and decreased morbidity as we grow older. An individual from our last group wanted to show God gratitude for the body he was given and his good health. Another created a personal mission statement and made that his Prize. It can be anything that has power…for you.

Regardless of what you choose, your Prize must be meaningful and timeless. When it comes to developing healthy living strategies, goals with endpoints are fraught with pitfalls. You must create a powerful, timeless objective that you are always working to achieve.


  • Why do you want to be healthy for the long-term?
  • Consider the roles you play in your life. How would improving your health impact these roles?
  • Make sure your Prize does not have an endpoint
  • Consider the benefit you are seeking (i.e. increased self-esteem, decreased stress, improved health, etc.) and actions you will take to achieve those benefits (i.e. self-control, discipline, patience).

Examples of Prizes

  • To enjoy the energy, self-confidence, and vitality that comes from controlled eating and regular physical activity.
  • Feel comfortable with my physique and enjoying the self-esteem boost that comes from being fit.
  • Break the generational trend of poor health and establish a legacy of health and wellness in my family by practicing self-control, patience, and discipline.
  • To enjoy the freedom and unlimited choices that comes with good health (poor health makes us slaves to our maladies).