For those interested in losing weight and improving body composition, high calorie beverages are often overlooked and can sabotage an otherwise well executed weight loss strategy.

It is important to remember that in order to lose weight, you must create a caloric deficit and elevate your metabolism. A great place to start is to eliminate, or at least reduce, high-calorie beverages from your diet.

Below are some examples of how daily caloric intake can add up from drinks:

  • One can beer = 153 calories x 7 cans per week = 1071 calories
  • One 20 oz. Coca-Cola = 241 calories x 7 bottles per week = 1687 calories
  • One 8 oz. cup orange juice from concentrate = 112 calories x 7 servings per week = 784 calories
  • Total calories from liquids in a week = 3,542 (it takes 3,500 calories to form 1 lb. of body‐fat)

Limiting your caloric intake from beverages doesn’t mean drinking less. In fact, your water consumption should increase as you reduce consumption of high calorie beverages. Among many other things, sufficient hydration helps keep your metabolism elevated and your body functioning at a high level.

For this week and moving forward, consider how many calories you consume through beverages. Start small and follow our less is more concept as you develop a strategy to reduce your caloric intake from drinks. Make one small modification to your current habits, then build on your success. You can make a major impact on your health and fitness by making a conscious decision to substitute high calorie beverages with water, green tea or other low calorie choices.

Talk with you trainer about strategies to begin reducing your intake…small changes will make a big difference!


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