Posture is king! It is the base from which we move. When it comes to moving safely and effectively, good posture is essential.

However, good posture is not easy to come by, especially when so many of us sit in front of a computer for the majority of the day. There are many aspects to maintaining good posture, which makes focusing on it challenging. At One on One, we make focusing on posture easier by using simple phrases and “big bang” cues. One cue that we have found very effective over the years is to maintain your “I”.

Imagine the capital letter “I” painted on your torso. The top portion of the letter is represented by a horizontal line running from shoulder to shoulder. The bottom portion is represented by a horizontal line running from hip to hip. A straight vertical line running down the middle of your torso connects the two horizontal lines. You now have a big “I” on the front of your torso, much like a superhero (jokingly, we used to call this superhero Mr. I).

Your letter “I” should be straight. This means your shoulders, hips and spine are level and neutral. Your letter “I” should also be tall, not squished. This will set you up to have a tall spine, allowing the muscles of your core to function optimally. When your core is functioning well, everything else has a better chance to function correctly. Once you find your “I”, it is important to maintain it throughout your movements. Your hips and shoulders should move in unison. If your shoulders turn right your hips should turn right with them.

Focus on establishing and maintaining your “I” this week. Doing so will help you move safely and maximize your efforts both in the gym and outside of it!


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