During this time of year when advice for change is flying at you from every media source imaginable, it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction.  Suffice it to say that sticking to basics and keeping it simple results in better long-term outcomes. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get stronger or simply improve the quality of your diet, being realistic about your goals, as well as your path to meet them is KEY!

  • Say “Yes” to lifestyle changes and “No” to fads.  Seeing fast results is appealing, even motivating.  But if fast results mean risking injury, a compromised immune system and unsustainable change, is it worth it?  Take weight loss as an example.  A 1 -2 lb loss per week may seem slow and arduous, but translated into a 25-50 lb loss in 6 months is probably something you can get behind!
  • Reducing portion sizes is a common behavior change individuals list as important.  In turn, it may be tempting to skip meals altogether.   Doing so actually has more negative effects than positive, including a slower metabolism, decreased energy and the risk of binging on unhealthy foods.  Instead, focus on smaller, more frequent meals to keep you strong, healthy and satisfied.
  • Focus on the positive instead of constantly nagging yourself.  Avoiding the “all or nothing” mentality is a concept we discussed in our Overeating Focus Point of the Week. Rather than berating yourself and giving into temptation over a single slip-up, plan to reward yourself for each step you take forward.  Treat yourself to a nap, a bubble bath or even a day off as you see your successes unfold.  And yes, baby steps count as success!

Hopefully, this week’s Focus Point will inspire you as we get ready for our annual Nutrition Habit Challenge. This year’s event will commence Friday, January 27th with a motivational lecture “Realistic Strategies for Realistic Change.  We hope you can make it.


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