August 2012 Focus Point of the Week Monthly Quiz

Please submit your answers on the answer sheets provided. Only answers submitted at the front desk of One on One or outside One on One’s office at Minitab will be considered in the drawing for the $25 Gift Certificate to One on One’s Pro Shop. Good luck!

Question 1: Which of the following does not correctly describe capital letter “I”?

a.  A horizontal line running from hip to hip.

b.  A vertical line running from the top of your head to your hips.

c.  A horizontal line running from shoulder to shoulder.

d.  A vertical line running down your torso.

Question 2: The magnitude and duration of EPOC is dependent on the __________ of exercise.

a.  Intensity

b.  Intensity and Duration

c.  Frequency and Intensity

d.  Duration

Question 3:  Which of the following is not a known benefit of eating a daily balanced breakfast?

a.  Increased Metabolism

b.  Increased strength throughout the day

c.  Increased levels of sustained energy

d.  Decreased desire to overeat

Question 4: Optimism and emotional well-being has been scientifically proven to decrease the incidence of all of the following except_________?

a.  Chronic low back pain

b.  Immune dysfunction

c.  Diabetes

d.  Heart disease


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