September 2012 Focus Point of the

Week Monthly Quiz

Please submit your answers on the answer sheets provided. Only answers submitted at the front desk of One on One or outside One on One’s office at Minitab will be considered in the drawing for the $25 Gift Certificate to One on One’s Pro Shop. Good luck!

Question 1: Which of the following is not an active rest and recovery strategy used to intelligently increase your pace?

a.  Performing corrective exercises

b.  Performing ‘unloaded’ exercises

c.  Rehydrating before your next set

d.  Stretching

Question 2: Which of the following beverages is your best option when looking to limit calories from beverages?

a.  Orange Juice

b.  Unsweetened Green-Tea

c.  Diet Cola

d.  Gatorade

Question 3:  The lumbar spine moves or rotates more than it should due to the following reasons EXCEPT_______?

a.  Poor thoracic/mid back mobility

b.  Poor hip/ankle mobility

c.  Poor core stability

d.  Poor shoulder mobility

Question 4: – TRUE OR FALSE – The key to making commitments, setting goals, and creating systems of accountability is confidence you will succeed. 


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