By Bruce Burke

“Healthy and Happy” is our mantra at One on One. Helping our staff, clients and community get there is our mission. With a team of the best fitness and nutrition professionals available, we can often make the “healthy” part a reality more easily than the “happy” part.

At our continuing education meeting last week, we were working on how we can use our individual mission statements as a tool to guide us down the path of personal leadership and happiness. It was so inspiring! I want to share with everyone the slide from the presentation that was most thought provoking.

In my life, I am happiest when I am moving towards the principles/character traits on the left. That is probably true for most people, but how often are we really striving for these things…humility, acceptance and forgiveness in particular? In my case, I can almost always trace times that I was/am unhappy back to the character defects on the right…particularly selfishness and pride.

I am not religious in the slightest, but I aspire to be a spiritual person and walk a spiritual walk. It simply makes me happier, and does so regardless of the “stuff” that may be going on around me.

I hope this reminder is as powerful for you as it was for us.