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By Sam Patterson

Last Updated: 8/6/23

Whether you are an elite athlete or an active aging adult, indoor cycling is one of the most effective modes of endurance training. Along with being easy to use, spin bikes are also easy on the joints. Combining purposeful indoor cycling workouts with proper nutrition and strength training is a solid recipe for improved body composition and fitness. Although the seat may take a couple rides to get used to, it is well worth it!

Why indoor cycling?

Improved endurance: Because cycling gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for an extended period of time, it will help improve endurance. Improved endurance essentially means that your muscular and vascular systems have become more efficient, often resulting in a lower resting heart rate.

Burn calories: All endurance training burns calories, but the spin bike is an especially great tool for interval training (training at different intensities). This type of training increases the total amount of calories burned due to the effects of EPOC. In addition, fat metabolism increases.

Low impact: Because the bike is a low-impact exercise, it is much easier on your body and joints than other modes of endurance such as running or, in some cases, even the elliptical. This makes it an ideal tool for all ages and abilities with little risk of injury.

Highly adaptable to all fitness levels: Resistance and RPMs can be manipulated through a broad range to accommodate elite athletes, beginners, and everyone in-between.

Fun!: Because cycling is adaptable to all fitness levels, it can easily be done with friends. Cycling to music can also make your workout more fun and effective. Choose songs that have a similar beat per minute to your goal RPM and follow that beat!

Tips for more effective cycling workouts:

Find your Functional Training Power (FTP). FTP is a measure of the maximum average power output you could sustain for one hour. The FTP Test is 20 minutes at maximum effort on the bike. It is a simple and effective way to determine your current cycling fitness level. Once FTP is calculated, workouts become more purposeful, and progress is easy to track.

Use Myzone as a guide. Seeing your data in real time as you cycle provides added motivation and accountability. Regardless of your training objectives for the day, a heart rate monitor will ensure you are working at an appropriate level.

Try Cycling Class at One-on-One. For added fun and effectiveness, join us weekly for high-energy sessions synced to the beat of the music! You will learn cycle formats to use independently, be motivated by a super fun community, and get a great workout in the process! Click HERE for more information about One on One’s Cycling Class.

The key to effective indoor cycling is to be purposeful with your workouts. Stay consistent and you can expect a lifetime of improved cardiovascular health and fitness. Don’t forget your water bottle and towel, it’s going to get sweaty!