What is your mind “set” on when you walk into the gym? Do the stresses of the day follow you in? Are you grateful for the opportunity to exercise, or are you dreading it? Having a positive and focused mindset significantly impacts a successful fitness program.

Let’s face it, exercise is hard work! For some of us, it just isn’t a lot of fun. However, if we approach our training with a sense of dread, we are simply not going to enjoy the maximum benefit. To overcome this, it is important to connect the short term with the long term. To be successful, long term objectives (your health and fitness) require short term action (your training). Keeping those important, long term objectives front of mind will ensure you are positioned to get the most out of your training session.

Here are a few additional tips to help you get your mind “set” for your training session:

As you enter the gym, let go of other roles in your life.

 For the next hour, become an athlete and prepare to push past your perceived limits. Training is not easy; equip yourself with a mindset of perseverance and be ready to fight through tough workouts. Stay focused, maintain proper form, and strive to get as much intensity out of your session as possible.

Remember to be thankful for your health and the opportunity to change.

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude gives you a new appreciation for the hard work you are putting in. Stay focused on why you are training (your goals) and trust that you will achieve them. Having the proper mindset will also help motivate you to do little things that make a big difference, such as getting your movement prep done ahead of time or staying late to do extra cardio.

Celebrate your accomplishments.

Once your workout is over and you have retired to the locker room, set aside a few moments for reflection. Feel good about what you have done. The work you just put in is part of your big picture plan, and you will succeed if you continue to make such an effort.

For this week and moving forward, address the mental side of your training. Having the right mindset will definitely give you your best chance to succeed!