At One on One, clients have the option to use cutting edge wearable technology! MYZONE users can receive real time feedback during workouts, use MYZONE for accountability, and engage in friendly competition.

What is MYZONE?

MYZONE utilizes a belt and cloud technology to track effort during physical activity. It measures heart rate, calories burned, and time spent exercising. Your heart rate and exercise duration allow you to earn MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), which is the metric users track to compete against themselves and one another. To begin earning points, simply follow the easy registration process, put on the belt, and start exercising!

MYZONE belts automatically connect to One on One’s three 60-inch TV’s that display individual heart rate, percentage of max heart rate, calories burned, and MEPs. If you are exercising outside of the facility, your MYZONE belt will store up to 16 hours of exercise data. After returning to One on One or opening the app on your phone, the data will be uploaded. The MYZONE app makes it easy to review your data, set goals, and interact with other One on One MYZONE users.

Why should I use it?

MYZONE is simple, fun, and effective! The real time data during exercise provides an added layer of motivation and accountability. Users can connect with one another, view workouts, send messages, and compete to earn more MEPs. Not only are users getting great results…they are having a blast!

Whether you are on a walking or High Intensity Interval Training program, MYZONE will help you maximize your exercise experience.

Want to get started using MYZONE? Click here.