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At One on One, we understand that change is difficult. Whether it is adjusting to a new routine or trying to break a bad habit, change requires time and consistent effort. “One Day at a Time” (ODAT) – is our proven mindset for facilitating long-lasting habit change.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by just the thought of what it may take to accomplish your long-term goals? When we focus more on the outcome than the process, we can become so intimidated by the possibility of failure that we don’t give ourselves a fair chance at success!

Adopting the ODAT approach brings awareness to the everyday, in-the-moment decisions that affect health and happiness. Framing choices as just for today not only makes change more manageable, it also highlights daily success. Keeping your commitment day after day boosts self-confidence and places you on an upward spiral of motivation!

Imagine what life could be like if you continue to focus on making small, meaningful changes one day at a time. Could it mean improvements in your fitness level? Greater energy to conquer your day? A more positive perspective? Adopting the ODAT perspective keeps your goals in reach!

Again, change isn’t easy! If you have trouble keeping your commitments, ask yourself:

  • What do I need to be 100% successful?
  • What is the motivation behind my goal?
  • Am I doing too much too soon?

Combine ODAT with our less is more approach to be most successful! Set commitments that are manageable enough to ensure daily success, yet significant enough to move you closer to your goals.